Residents for Quality Neighborhoods, San Luis Obispo, California

RQN Mission Statement

To preserve, protect, and improve the quality of life in our residential neighborhoods and, thus, in our city.


Residents for Quality Neighborhoods ™ (RQN), San Luis Obispo, California, was formed in the city of San Luis Obispo (SLO) to assist city residents in their quest to preserve, protect, and improve the quality of life in SLO’s many residential neighborhoods. We began as a nonprofit community-wide association in 1990 when many long-time residents began to notice a deterioration of their once family-friendly neighborhoods. RQN was formed to provide city residents with a focused voice and a means of working together to preserve, enhance and improve the quality of life in their respective neighborhoods.

Among the early issues that RQN dealt with were: 1) insufficient community planning related to increases in traffic and parking on older residential streets; and 2) noise ordinance violations resulting from unplanned for and unanticipated changes in the demographics of low and medium density residential neighborhoods.

Although change is inevitable, residents want to ensure that it is “for the better.” Members of RQN – acting with and through RQN’s Board – provide local government with a unified message on issues that affect our daily lives. Members enjoy information and support on how to deal with issues that impact the neighborhoods where we live and that disrupt the quality of life we all expect in SLO neighborhoods.