Residents for Quality Neighborhoods, San Luis Obispo

Useful Tips


This page is a starting point to gather tips and resources for those who find themselves dealing with unneighborly neighbors. We will provide links to appropriate city codes, links to department forms, and copies of letters, notices, and newspaper articles that are germane to dealing with noisy/rowdy neighbors. Our intent is not to answer all possible questions; however, we do intend to make it simpler for residents to find the city employees who are here to help keep our neighborhoods pleasant places to live.

Four potential issues that residents may find themselves dealing with in residential neighborhoods are those related to noise, parking, property and vandalism/theft. Tabs at the top of this page will take you directly to a page that addresses each of those issues.

Most of the time, it is obvious which page to go to; sometimes, it is not particularly obvious. For example, a car or truck parked on a front lawn will fall under property, not parking.

We will do our best to make these pages intuitive and easy to follow. If something is not clear or is confusing, please go to our Contact page and drop us a note describing the problem. We will do our best to clarify and correct any shortcomings. If something has worked well for you, please let us know that as well.

Cal Poly

Educated Renters Certificate Program

Cal Poly has an Educated Renters Certificate Program that allows students to become certified on renting and on city policies and procedures. Upon completion of the program, the awarded Certificate can be submitted along with a rental application to give students a possible advantage when seeking rental accommodations with rental agencies that accept the certificate. The Certificate may also become expected by individual landlords as they learn about the program.

Letters to New Neighbors

Here is a sample letter [updated Sep 2012] that one SLO neighborhood has handed out to new student neighbors and that has proven effective. You can use it to develop a similar letter adapted specifically for your neighborhood.

Here is a another sample letter that the Alta Vista Neighborhood Association handed out to new student neighbors for Fall 2015. It is a revision of a previous version to reflect recent changes/updates to City ordinances.