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This page is intended to be a gathering place for tips and resources for residents who find themselves dealing with property-type issues in their neighborhoods. Once the City's new computer program comes on line, we will provide links to appropriate city codes as well as links to departmental forms where complaints can be submitted. In the mean time we have, below, a list of various code violations, the department that provides enforcement, and the contact telephone number. We cannot answer all property-related questions, but we can make it simpler for residents to find the city employees who can help keep our neighborhoods pleasant places to live.

We are doing our best to make these pages intuitive and easy to follow. If something is not clear or is confusing, please go to our Contact page and drop us a note describing the problem. We will try to clarify and correct the information. If something has worked well for you, please let us know that too.

Fight Blight

The “Broken Window Theory” states that if a community allows blight conditions to go undeterred, crime increases, quality of life diminishes, and property values plummet. The City of San Luis Obispo maintains an aggressive multi-department effort in order to reduce blighted conditions. Departments use active enforcement, i.e., identifying substandard conditions when they see them and opening a case. Departments also open cases when they receive a complaint from a resident. If there is a problem in your neighborhood, these are the offices to call:

Code Enforcement, Building and Safety Division, Community Development Dept. at 781-7179 or 781-7588.
This unit handles residential overcrowding, garages converted to living space, altered structures, building without permits, peeling paint, substandard housing, RV’s used as a residence on private property, abandoned vehicles on private property, paving of front yards, home based business violations, use permit violations, construction noise, zoning and building codes.

Code Enforcement staff investigates reports that Building, Housing, or Zoning Regulations have been violated. If you suspect or witness an alleged violation, please use the department's on-line Field Investigation Request to report violations. Provide as much information as possible. Any information you provide will remain confidential to the extent permitted by law. If you need help completing the form, have any questions about a potential violation, or just need some clarification of City regulations, please call Code Enforcement at the above numbers.

Neighborhood Services Specialists, Building and Safety Division, Community Development Dept. at 781-7591 or 781-7592.
Neighborhood Services Specialists respond to debris in yards, stuffed couches and chairs on porches, furniture on roofs, parking in the yard, garbage cans left out, parts of automobiles in front yards, abandoned appliances, grass/weeds over 12" high on residential and developed commercial properties, etc.

Police Department, Operations Bureau at 781-7317.
Police respond to RVs used as a residence on public property, abandoned vehicles on public property, and construction noise after hours and on weekends.

Fire Department, Fire Prevention Bureau at 781-7380.
The Weed Abatement Officer responds for grass or weeds over 12" tall on vacant commercial properties (vacant lots) and in open fields.

Public Works Department at 781-7215.
Abandoned items located in the public right-of-way should be reported to Public Works. To facilitate pick-up, provide a description of the item(s) and where it is located to include the closest street address or, at a minimum, the nearest cross streets. A contact number will also be appreciated.

Trash Cans

The SLO Municipal Code, section, Property Maintenance Standards, states the following regarding Refuse, Green Waste, and Recycling Receptacles: "Refuse, green waste, and recycling receptacles shall not be within in the front yard area except as provided in Municipal Code section 8.04 which states: Refuse and garbage containers shall not be placed adjacent to the street for pickup more than twenty-four hours before pickup time, and such containers shall be removed within the twelve-hour period following pickup . . . ."

The “front yard” area is defined as: The area of a residential lot that lies between the street property line and the walls of any residences that face the street. Trash, green waste, and recycling receptacles shall be completely screened from public view by a fence, landscaping, wall, or fence that is otherwise permitted by Zoning and Building Codes.

Contact the Neighborhood Services Specialists at 781-7591/7592 for assistance.